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Harvest Fresh make it easy to access New Zealand’s best onion and carrot producers, shipping the best of their produce to markets around the world.



Produce begins and ends
with quality


Quality produce demands quality service

Harvest Fresh began in 2005 with a focus on connecting New Zealand’s best producers to markets around the world. From the beginning it was clear that quality would drive our success. Not just the quality of our produce (although that is critical), but also the quality of our service, which in-turn helps us to develop quality relationships with growers and customers, 

This approach has seen Harvest Fresh become the leading exporter of the finest onions and carrots – grown in the perfect conditions that only New Zealand can provide.

Over the years, we’ve invested in new technologies and refined our practices to ensure we continue to provide exceptional support for our growers and the very best service and reliability possible for our customers.

We’re here to make accessing New Zealand’s best onions and carrots as easy and stress free as possible, throughout the entire food production and international export chain. It’s a challenging task, but it’s a challenge we thrive on.


    • Guy Hilson
      Managing Director
      DDI +64 9 412 5634
      Mobile +64 21 431 926

      The founder of Harvest Fresh, Guy has more than 20 years’ experience in the global sales and marketing of fresh produce.

       An exporter director of the NZ Onion Board, Guy is driven by a goal to provide customers with premium quality product at competitive prices - 365 days of the year.

      Guy’s knowledge of the industry is second to none and he enjoys constant contact with his networks throughout the world’s key trading centres. When international travel restrictions allow, Guy is always keen to meet with trading partners face to face to develop greater insights into market requirements.

      When he’s not travelling to visit growers or customers, Guy can be found spending time with friends and family on New Zealand’s picturesque Great Barrier Island in the summer months and hitting the ski slopes in the winter.

    • Michael Croft
      General Manager
      DDI +64 9 412 5637
      Mobile +64 21 955 777

      Michael has been the engine room of the Harvest Fresh team since 2007, managing global carrot sales and our onion sales into South-East Asia. He is at the forefront of the industry with significant experience in the export supply chain both in New Zealand and around the world.

      Michael’s high-level communication and relationship-building skills have enabled him to build strong worldwide sales networks. He also has an innate ability to calmly manage that fine line between supply and cargo space allocations to ensure timely delivery of the premium-quality Harvest Fresh product.

      Michael is passionate about liaising with our wide range of customers throughout Europe, across Asia and the Middle East and he’s always keen to hear from, and welcome, new contacts. When he’s not analysing key sales data or transport logistics, Michael can be found in New Zealand’s “great outdoors”. A keen mountain-biker, Michael enjoys maximising his health to the optimum and spending time socialising with close friends.

    • Abbie Baird
      Chief Financial Officer and Operations Manager
      DDI: +64 9 412 5636
      Mobile: +64 21 851 555

      Abbie has over 30 years’ experience in finance, accounting, operations and administration and has been a key member of the Harvest Fresh team since 2019.

      When she’s not analysing the numbers, Abbie can be found at the gym in an early-morning cardio, yoga or boxing class – she’s also competed in the gruelling team’s event, Ultimate Athlete!  In the off-season Abbie enjoys hiking with her husband, renovating their home together or catching up with their adult children for coffee dates and Abbie’s famous home-cooked meals.

    • Brett McDougall
      Sales Manager Northern Europe
      Mobile +64 21 463 644

      Brett joined Harvest Fresh in 2019 with more than 18 years in global vegetable sales. Growing up on a cropping property near Pukekohe gave Brett a solid background in commercial horticulture and he went on to study horticultural management at Lincoln University. Understanding the finer details of the customer’s requirements, season by season, is the key to success for Brett and he thrives on the challenge to deliver to the customers’ specifications every time.

      In the off season, Brett and family enjoy getting out and about on the nearby bike trails or heading off to the mountains for some snow-skiing, hiking and fishing.

    • Nicky Waldrom
      Logistics Manager
      DDI +64 9 412 5635
      Mobile +64 22041 0229

      Nicky manages the documentation of our Harvest Fresh onions and carrots from the growers to the shippers to the customers. She enjoys the daily discussions with everyone in the export process but especially the connections with our customers around the globe.

      Nicky artfully juggles her role at Harvest Fresh with her role as mum of three! In her spare time Nicky can be found watching the kids at Saturday morning sports, catching up with friends and family, chilling at the beach or relaxing with a glass of wine.


The best onions and carrots reliably delivered to your door

We know that for our customers, reliability is critical. That's why we’ve developed long-term partnerships with a range of carefully selected growers and packers across New Zealand, providing Harvest Fresh a reliable and secure supply of high quality vegetables at all times. It also ensures we can be flexible and responsive when needed, in a way that many can’t.

Our handling practises are designed to reduce shock at all stages from harvest to delivery and we’ve developed market leading processes to track and document the export of produce internationally. Furthermore, our scale and strong relationships with all major shipping lines further supports our operational excellence and delivery reliability.

But what our customers enjoy the most is how simple we make the entire process. Our team have an exceptional knowledge of our industry and provide our customers with clear, concise communications throughout the process. It means small issues are sorted quickly and efficiently long before they turn into major problems. And best of all, it means that you can be confident that your order will arrive on time and to the quality standard we’ve promised.

New Zealand’s best
onions and carrots






Premium Grade Onions

Grown in New Zealand’s best soils



Nutrient rich onions require a quality growing environment

As one of New Zealand’s largest exporters of premium grade onions, Harvest Fresh know a thing or two about what it takes to source and supply some of the best onions in the world.

One of the best things about onions is their ability to enhance the flavour in almost any dish. It’s the reason they’re a chef favourite around the world. But onions also provide vital nutrients and health-promoting phytochemicals, which are sourced from the environment in which they are grown. You can rest assured that Harvest Fresh onions are a great source of dietary fibre and folic acid and have high levels of vitamin C. They also contain calcium and iron and are naturally high in protein.

New Zealand’s best onions have gained an enviable global reputation for providing outstanding quality and exceptional shelf-life and Harvest Fresh’s growing partners are a large part of the reason for this well-deserved reputation.

As one of New Zealand's largest exporters of premium grade onions, all Harvest Fresh produce is grown under the strictest quality control and best practice farming techniques, ensuring the delivered product is in optimum health and vitality. During the growing season the fields are maintained in impeccable condition to allow the onions to mature as nature intended.

Watch our Onions in action youtube-icon.jpg




The Tastiest Carrots

Growing location key to the best carrots



You haven’t tasted a carrot until you’ve tried ours.

We’re proud to provide what we believe to be the best produce in the world, and nowhere is this more true than in carrots. Harvest Fresh is the exclusive export partner of Pypers Produce brand carrots – the most reputable South Island carrot growers, with a long history of growing top quality produce and delivering carrots worldwide to exacting quality standards.

The secret to creating the world’s best tasting carrots is a combination of warm days and cool nights - just the environment that Pypers' carrots are grown in. Being grown in one of the southernmost places in the world enables these export quality carrots to mature very slowly – one of the reasons for their superior taste profile and enhanced genetics.

As the largest exporter of carrots in New Zealand, Harvest Fresh are also aware of the other reasons behind the exceptional taste of the carrots we provide, but as these are closely guarded family secrets, we’re certainly not going to be sharing them here.

Just trust us when we say, you haven’t really tasted a carrot until you have had one from Harvest Fresh. And perhaps once you do, we’ll share a little more of their flavourful secret.

Watch our Carrots go through their paces youtube-icon.jpg

We grow where it's great

Harvest Fresh Growing Onions and Carrot Regions of New Zealand

Quality produce delivered

  • Management
  • Processes

Communication every step of the way

At Harvest Fresh, we’re committed to making it easy to source New Zealand’s best produce. To do that, we’re focused on providing the best communication and traceability in the business. 

It’s a given that we’d work closely with our growers to ensure that our produce meets the expectations and specifications of our customers worldwide. But we’ve also developed strong relationships that allow us to resolve any issues quickly in partnership with our growers, providing a service to our customers that is second-to-none. 

We monitor our crops regularly throughout the growing season, updating our customers regularly to keep them informed. We also undertake quality verification via independent experts to ensure our produce meets or exceeds specification. And, we test thoroughly throughout the growing and production cycles of all our produce (including residue tests) to provide our customers with 100% confidence that our produce is grown under strict guidelines and safe.

Discover more about our produce traceability efforts by clicking the traceability link above. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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