Fall in S Korea Onion Production

"The early dry weather in South Korea has led to a decrease in the onion production of 30%, compared to last year. This brings about new opportunities for the Chinese onion export," states Mr. Green Bai of Dalian Nong Chang International Trade Co. Ltd.
Employees sorting onions

Packing onions
"South Korea prefers to import onions from China for two reasons. Firstly, on the South Korean market, the most popular onions are yellow onions. This is the main breed of many Chinese onion production areas. Furthermore, compared to other neighboring countries like Japan, the Chinese trading costs are relatively low, especially the purchasing price."
Onion processing facility

Processing and storage facility

"Our company has its own production as well as collectively managed onion fields in Gansu, amounting to around 1500 hectares (15000 mu). We mainly export yellow onions. Recently, the South Korean need for imported onions has undoubtedly offered us the opportunity to increase our export. However, I think that the demand from the South Korean market is very unstable."
Employees loading packed onions

Onions waiting to be exported
"To avoid trade risks, we use diversified sales tactics. Apart from exporting to South Korea, we also export to Japan, Europe, South East Asia, America and Russia. In the future, the demand from South East Asia will definitely increase."

Fresh Plaza - Publication date: 9/14/2017