Netherlands - Harvest of first lots of seeding onions has started

Harvest started very early this year. The first lot of Hybing was harvested at grower Van Leijsen in Poortvliet on the Zeeuwse island of Tholen on the 31st of July. "The harvest of the early seeding onions is extremely early this year. We have never harvested seeding onions in July before." says Leen Guiljam of contractor Guiljam from St. Annaland. There are multiple plots ready for harvest. "We still have over 30 hectares of early seeding onions to harvest this week," according to Leen Guiljam.

6 hectares of Hybing has been harvested at Frank Bouman in Poortvliet. A nice lot with smoothed onions. The onions came up well in the spring and have been growing well all season, says Frank Bouman. "I watered them twice. The estimated yield of the lot of Hybing is around 55 to 60 tonnes per hectare. The harvesting is going well. 7 mm of rain fell last weekend, which makes it a well harvestable product," says Frank Bouman.

Source: De Groot & Slot


Publication date: 8/14/2014