Onion price expected to rise this year

Before the Spring Festival, a cold wave suddenly hit the whole Weifang City in Shandong Province, and the temperature in this area dropped significantly to minus eight degrees, close to the lowest temperature in history ever recorded. Without any doubt onions suffered from this cold weather, and the sprouts withered or were frozen to death.

Next to this, following the decrease of vegetable prices, more and more vegetable growers swarmed to big cities for work, which resulted in the lower growth acreage of onions. This continued reduction in onion growth acreage, in conjunction with the cold wave before the spring festival, brought good news for onion prices. As temperatures rise after the holiday, onions will start to grow. However, due to its shortage in supply, it is expected that the purchase price for onions will be increased to 1.2 Yuan per kilo.

Source: Hefei Online