Red onions help against allergies

Onions have medicinal talents - especially red onions, as they have more vegetable antibodies than the lighter varieties. A number of health benefits at a glance.

Freeing airways:  the onion's ethereal oils work as an anti-inflammatory and fight bacteria. This helps prevent colds and coughs.

Allergy relief: thanks to its quercetin the red vegetable can help hay fever and such. This is because this biologically active substance blocks the cells in the body that produce histamine during allergic reactions. Too much of this tissue hormone causes allergic reactions, such as itchy, watering eyes or a runny nose.
Clean arteries: onions are also good for the heart and the blood flow. It's secondary plant matter alliine cause the cholesterol level in blood to decrease, and so combats the forming of arteriosclerosis. Alliine also works as an anti-oxidant, which could help prevent cancer. The adenosine in onions also combats thrombosis.

Strong defence: the vegetables also strengthens our immune system with substances such as saponinens and fenol acids. Onions help us recover from colds or other infections.

Publication date: 8/14/2014