Indonesian import restrictions another headache for growers


Horticulture New Zealand says Indonesia's new import requirements will further harm exporters. Last month Indonesia placed new requirements on incoming fruit and vegetables, including reduced entry points and extra phytosanitary measures. 

This is an important market for New Zealand, worth $18 million for exporters of onions, apples and kiwifruit in 2010. The new restrictions could drastically reduce this figure.

The moves come on top of import restrictions added by Russia, Thailand, Malaysia and of course, Australia, over the past few years.

Added to recent issues with the weather and a drop in competitivity due to high value national currency and there seems to be plenty for New Zealand growers to worry about at the moment.

New Zealand fruit and vegetable growers last year exported $2.5 billion worth of produce globally. 


Publication date: 2/2/2012