Garlic and onions fight against asthma

More and more people in the western world suffer from asthma. In Swiss Lausanne scientists may have come across a possible cause, as announced on the Swiss website we do not eat enough fruit and vegetables.

Our feeding habits could well be directly responsible for the advance of asthma, as per the conclusion of doctors from research at the university hospital Lausanne (CHUV). It became clear from the research on mice fed with food rich in nutritional fibres that asthma is lightened, as this food influences the development of immunity cells. The mice, which received fewer nutritional fibres reacted with stronger allergic reactions to an extract of house dust mites than the mice being fed the fibre rich diet. The researchers assume, that with people this could be just about the same. They now want to research this by having individuals take part in the research.

Over the last few decades more and more people have been suffering from asthma, both in industrial and developing countries. At the same time consumption of food, such as fruit and vegetables which are rich in nutritional fibres, decreased. It has been known for a while, that a fibre rich diet can prevent intestinal sicknesses, but it has now become clear, that this may also have a positive effect on the lungs. Marsland, one of the Swiss researchers, advises us to increase our daily intake of fruit and vegetables. Especially citrus, garlic and onions, as mentioned to the Swiss newspaper 'Tribune de Genève'.

Publication date: 1/30/2014

Articled has been referenced from: NZ herald - page 4