Onions for eyebrow growth

New beauty trends and tips appear everyday, and the latest of these involves rubbing onion on your eyebrows to stimulate hair growth.
Beauty blogger Huda Kattan has one of the largest followings online; earlier this week, she posted a video on her Instagram featuring fellow blogger Farah Dhukai and her secret to growing thicker eyebrows. The clip shows Farah chopping an onion and rubbing it along her brows, and she wrote “Onion juice has sulphur which speeds up the growth of hair and makes it thicker.” Even if there was no proof of this to back up her claim, with 400k followers under her belt, there’s no doubt people would be trying her method.
Does this actually work and make your eyebrows grow faster? Allure got the answer from cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller and dermatologist Kavita Mariwalla. Randy told Allure: “I’ve never seen any evidence that topically applied sulfur can enhance hair growth. If that were true, everyone would be selling sulfur solutions for hair growth.” 
Mariwalla on the other hand explained that sulfur can actually help stimulate hair growth. “Sulfur is important in hair; however applying onion juice does not mean that the sulfur is incorporated into the hair strand. Rather, the sulfur acts as a natural anti-inflammatory,” she told Allure. She does point out that it will work better for your scalp, rather than your brows and that onion juice helped spark hair growth in people with alopecia. But that doesn’t mean it’s the next tool in achieving Rapunzel-length hair and brows. “I don’t want people to think that putting onion juice on every day is going to suddenly give them luscious, thick brows,” she said.
Source: teenvogue.com
06 April 2016