Stalemate on onion market

"Stalemate on onion market"

The life of an open ground vegetable exporter isn't easy. Konaxx from Sint Jacobiparochie, specialised in the trade and export of onions. Potatoes, carrots and cabbage, used to get 60% of their export from Russia, but due to the trade embargo they have been forced to let over half of their workforce go. "We started full of ambition and in good faith," says Tjerk Nagel.

"A lot of onions were left over the last few month, but there is no desire for them at the moment. Around 5.50 to 6 Euro is paid to the grower here and the bail prices are under steep pressure," says Tjerk. There are some onions going to Africa now, and a little to the Far East, but there is not enough demand. It's difficult to make a profit right now. Although there are doubts from the growers' side, the packagers and exporters are under real pressure. Risks aren't being taken and this carefulness has resulted in the current stalemate."

"If there is to be a revival in the second half of the season, a lot will have to happen. I like to be positive, but this is the reality at the moment. Luckily, the quality of the onion is excellent. There is a portion of onions at the moment, which either haven't been or have been badly sprayed, but people are deciding to sell anyway."
Source: Fresh Plaza 16 Dec 2014